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Create a central page for your information and essential links. Our service provides customization, real-time statistics and advanced sharing tools to enhance your online presence. Express your professional identity in plain simple terms.

All the features to optimize your online presence. Try it for yourself.

Our platform has been designed for modern professionals like you, who are looking to simplify and maximize their digital efficiency. Where other services fall short, we offer a complete and customizable solution to effectively centralize and manage all your important links and contacts.

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Smart Link Management

Manage your links intelligently and dynamically. You can easily add, modify, or delete your links.

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Tailor your page to your image with advanced customization tools that reflect your unique and professional style.

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Create Short Links

Simplify link sharing by creating short links. You can easily share your links on social media, websites, and applications. You will then have access to real-time statistics to better understand your activity.

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Advanced Sharing

Share your links with colleagues or clients. You can easily share your links on social networks, websites, and applications.

It is time to build your page.

In today's world, it is crucial to get started quickly to get noticed, whether in a professional or personal context. Our service ensures that it's never too late to develop your network and increase your online presence.

  • Customize Endlessly

    Whether you want a minimalist or busy interface, tailor your page to your exact needs.

  • Organize Efficiently

    Manage all your links and contacts in different categories to maximize your professional opportunities.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Your page is updated in real-time, allowing your users to access your changes instantly.

  • Amplify Your Network

    Invite contacts to join your page and benefit from increased visibility and opportunities.

  • Enhanced Security

    Cutting-edge technology to protect your personal and professional data with complete encryption.

  • Interaction Tracking

    Visualize the impact of your page with detailed statistics on visits and interactions.

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Ideal to start and test our platform with basic features.

  • Unlimited links
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For professionals who need more features for a wide online presence.

  • Advanced customization
  • Advanced statistics
  • Shortened URLs and QR codes



You want a custom page for your business or project.

  • Custom page development
  • Custom statistics
  • Custom URL
  • Priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

    • How do I create a page?

      You can create a page by signing up and then accessing the dashboard. From there, you can easily add, modify, and delete your links.

    • How can I start using Uniquelink?

      Start by registering on our platform, then follow the interactive guide to set up your page. You can add and organize your social and professional links in just a few clicks.

    • What customization options are available?

      Uniquelink offers a variety of customization options, including themes, colors, and the ability to add your own logo and background images to make your page unique.

    • Is it possible to track the statistics of my page?

      Yes, our platform provides detailed statistics on your page visits, including the number of clicks per link, traffic sources, and more, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your online presence.

    • Is Uniquelink compatible with all devices?

      Yes, Uniquelink is designed to be fully responsive, which means your page will be optimized for computers, tablets, and smartphones.

    • How can I use the shortened URLs and QR codes provided by Uniquelink?

      You can generate shortened URLs and QR codes for each of your links directly from your dashboard. These tools make it easier to share your links and track access.

    • Is Uniquelink secure?

      Security is a priority for us. Uniquelink uses SSL encryption to secure your personal data and interactions on your page.

    • Can I integrate Uniquelink with other platforms?

      Yes, Uniquelink can be integrated with several other platforms to automate your workflow and maximize your online visibility.

    • Are there any limits to how many links I can add?

      No, Uniquelink does not limit the number of links you can add. We encourage users to centralize as many links as necessary to maximize their online effectiveness.